14th November 2016

Lunar Power

Why are we waiting?

The moon is waiting for the citizens of the United Kingdom to harness the unlimited abundant energy it provides us with. The moon presents every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom a magnificent gift of benevolence that most other nations can only dream of – unlimited tidal power. Day in, day-out since the oceans were created the gravitational force of the moon quietly does its job.

Twice a day since the creation of the oceans, our shores are buffeted by tidal surges containing billions of tons of seawater. It is a fact that one cubic meter of freshwater weighs 1 metric tonne. To put this into context, the space on an average living-room would be enough to hold approximately 50 metric tonnes.

Now imagine the whole of the Irish Sea – (aprox) 1000 km long and 100 km wide and a tidal reach of 10m moving at 10 km per hour? Although these are approximate figures – they are not far from factual – the fact is that such movement of water equals 1 trillion tonnes at 10km per hour that hit west coast of Britain.

To harness such movement is a simple thing for the British people! History shows us that Brits can build tunnels as good as anybody else such as the London Underground (402km long) the London sewerage system (1000km long) the Blackwall Tunnel and the Mersey Tunnel spring to mind, and there are many more examples.

Therefore, harnessing Lunar power is a straightforward task for the Brits by simply constructing underground tunnels to harness the wonderful gift of Lunar Power through underground tunnels. And believe it or not, this natural, simple source which can be simply harnessed:

• At no real cost
• Will be free for every British citizen,
• Will have no adverse environmental factors,
• Will not upset any planning regulations

And the plus point is we can start this right now! Resources can be used, raised and developed as work progresses.


The superlative benefit of Lunar power is that the Moon drives tidal forces through its gravitational influence free of charge to the Brits. This advantage greatly outweighs the use of other forms of sources of energy such as oil, coal and gas. Its also unlimited! Historically, we assume Lunar power has existed ever since the moon was believed to have come into existence 4.5 billion years ago. So it safe to assume it will carry on infinitum.

It is also a fact the population of the United Kingdom pay for energy, therefore any investment in any sources of energy generation will attract a return on investment. Such a return on investment may well have to go to sources of energy supply outside of sovereign control of the United Kingdom utilizing the moons benevolence will give United Kingdom citizens basic sovereignty over basic energy requirements.

Therefore, because it’s only a question of political will and the exploitation of the natural talents and skills of United Kingdom citizens, being allowed to exercise these attributes and there is no logical reason why we don’t just get on with it!

However, how do we get the political will?

Governments know full-well that money doesn’t grow on trees and balancing the books to meet the aspirations of its citizens is always a challenge. However, there’s another good skill that the Brits have more experience of than many other nations. Privatisation. The costs of Lunar Power

The government should invite UK citizens to purchase shares in the development and exploitation of Lunar Power without delay. It should also be done as a matter of urgency before so many other energy projects may act as costly diversions whereby such costly diversions act against the welfare of existing UK citizens and future generations.
and do so in the interest of

It is understandable that governments

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so foreseeably, it will continue infinitum.
other environmentally damaging sources of energy.